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Introducing a new era of regional mobility

Saving time & Increasing connectivity 

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Composite Airframe

The ME-1A utilizes exceptionally efficient aerodynamic design principles and a lightweight composite structure to enhance a safe simple proven platform that enables runway independent transportation.


The new all-composite airframe will provide the maximum protection from corrosion in harsh operating environments, minimize overall aircraft empty weight, and reduce both hourly and life cycle maintenance costs. 

Hull-based Amphibian

Speed Matters

With a cruise speed of 240 kts the turbine ME-1A will be approximately 100 kts faster than a comparable size aircraft of floats.  This speed advantage means that the same distance trip can be flown in 42% less time.


This is a time savings benefit for passengers, results in less fuel used directly lowering operating costs and a lower environmental impact. 

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Rear Loading Ramp

A hull designed amphibian seaplane, the ME-1A will have a Rear Cargo Door / Ramp in addition

to a large left side cabin door.


The tail design will provide clearance for the rear door/ramp to enable the direct loading of cargo and passengers from the rear of the aircraft when the ME-1A is backed up to a shore, dock or on a ramp for fast, safe, direct transfers.


The most valuable thing we possess in family or business life is TIME.


Directly related to time is the ability to easily connect with family and business associates.

The ME-1A amphibious aircraft saves time and increases connectivity to areas lacking infrastructure.

It is a well-known fact that 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water.  A lesser-known fact is that 90% of the earth’s population lives within 10 kilometers of a surface body of water.

That is approximately 7.2 billion people who are potential ME-1A amphibious seaplane passengers. Most business districts in major metropolitan areas are on a bay, river, or lake shore yet the airports that service these areas are often up to an hour travel time away. 

If you could land directly on the bay, river, or lake shore in an amphibious aircraft, such as the ME-A, you would save this travel time.

Turboprops such as the amphibious ME-1A seaplane are regional airlines’ preferred choice worldwide for travel distances up to 330 nm. 

The time saved by using a ME-1A on a 330 nm flight from Erie, PA to NYC’s Manhattan seaplane base is illustrated here: 

Travel Chart (1).png

The fastest speed combined with amphibious capability matters even more to commercial operators. This capability enables more opportunities to expand into additional markets, additional flights per day to lower fixed costs, and more flexibility, all leading to additional revenue.

The ME-1A will be manufactured with state-of-the-art certified proven technology and meet the current FAA and EASA certification criterion for the design, production, maintenance, and training of new amphibious aircraft.  The twin-engine ME-1A can operate in the existing national and global airspace/airway network system and be supported by the existing infrastructure.


Designed to be Sustainable

As the movement to decarbonize aviation grows, Mallard Enterprises plans to make it a pivotal point of our product and organizational development using a 3-phase approach:

Phase 1 - Renewable Energy Facilities

Our facility at Brunswick Landing is an EPA Green Power Partner, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Phase 2 - Sustainable Aviation Fuel and components

The aircraft engines, that will power the ME-1A have been certified to use sustainable aviation fuel which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%.  The planned all composite five blade reversible propellers will be 10% quieter.

Phase 3 - Renewable Propulsion Systems

The ME-1A is being designed to have long-term propulsion flexibility so that as renewable propulsion systems mature, the regulatory framework to certify them is adopted and the infrastructure to support them is in place, our platform will be capable of transitioning to the systems that best fit operators' individual mission needs and sustainability goals.

Who Are We

The versatility of amphibious aircraft combined with the performance capabilities of a STOL

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