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The ME-1A fits any mission

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Commuter / Passenger

When configured as a passenger transport the ME-1A will have a forward lavatory and up to 19 passenger seats.  Small carry-on luggage can be stored under the seat or in overhead bins with larger carry-on luggage secured in the cargo area to the rear.  Passengers will enter and exit through the rear ramp or left aft door.

Cargo / Frieght

In a cargo/freight configuration the ME-1A will have approximately 840 cubic feet of space available to carry up to 8,000 pounds of cargo. Cargo can be free loaded, on pallets, or in cargo containers through the rear cargo ramp or the large side cargo door.

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VIP / Executive Transport

As a VIP or Executive Transport, the ME-1A can be configured with a forward lavatory and galley and between 9 and 12 luxury passenger seats. A wide variety of customizable options are available.


The ME-1A will have the ability to be configured with two standard EMS medical sled units, equipment, supplies, and seats for attending medical personnel. In a mass casualty event, the ME-1A can be configured with up to 12 patient litters.

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When used for aerial firefighting the ME-1A will quickly transport 12 hotspot firefighters and up to 750 gallons of water or retardant to rural areas. It will have the ability to scoop up water from a remote water source and drop it on a fire, without having to return to base to refill its tanks. The ME-1A will have the capability for other versatile multi-role missions such as passenger and freight transport, infrared fire surveillance and mapping, and air attack coordination.

Military Multi-Mission

The ME-1A will support a wide range of military or quasi-military applications. Opportunities such as: search and rescue, coastal surveillance/resonance, patrolling, ES, ASW, and SOF support. The ME-1A will have provisions for two under wing hard attach points for external sensors or fuel.

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Rear Cargo Ramp

A hull designed amphibian seaplane, the ME-1A will have a Rear Cargo Door / Ramp.

Providing clearance for the rear door/ramp to enable the direct loading of cargo and passengers from the rear of the aircraft when the ME-1A is backed up to a shore, dock or on a ramp for fast, safe, direct transfers.

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