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Who we are

The Mallard Enterprises team is comprised of individuals with years of extensive experience in numerous aspects of the aviation industry including:
  • Retired USAF GO, lawyer, engineer, seaplane pilot
  • CEO of composite aircraft component manufacturer, engineer, pilot
  • Banking, business consulting, asset management, flight training management, pilot
  • Supply chain and logistics, program management
  • Former FAA acting administrator, pilot
  • Fortune 100 OEM business development director, pilot
  • MIT engineer, R&D of aligned discontinuous materials for composite reinforcement
  • Business consultant, director regional redevelopment authority, pilot
  • 3 contract engineering teams and several OEM component suppliers
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Where we are

Brunswick Landing, the former Brunswick Naval Air Station, is a Green Power Partner that provides 100% renewably generated electricity to the facilities.  The existing updated, refurbished hangers and manufacturing facilities are ideal to accommodate production, final assembly, and flight testing of the ME-1A.

The Brunswick Landing facilities are serviced by a sophisticated high-speed internet connectivity system consisting of single mode fiber cabling alongside and a multimode fiber network.  This will enable implementation of Industry 4.0 manufacturing systems and processes.

The Advanced Manufacturing Center is an engineering support and resource center specializing in precision manufacturing located at the University of Maine.
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